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What do Software Developers do?

September 5, 2023

The technology world would be very different without software developers. But what does a software developer really do? Let’s explore this increasingly important profession to learn more about the day-to-day activities of software developers, their skills, duties and responsibilities, salary, and more.

Software developers, in simple terms, are people who develop software applications. The problem is that not many people outside the IT industry know what software development involves.

On the other hand, software development is defined as the process by which software is created using a specific programming language. This process can be broken down into different steps: research, analysis, design, coding, testing, and lastly, deployment.

Software developers use different programming languages to develop software applications. According to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, the most popular programming languages at the moment are Python, followed by Java, JavaScript, C#, and PHP.

Types Of Software Developers

Just like there are art teachers, history teachers, and physics teachers, there are also different types of software developers, and each has domain-specific knowledge.

When you search for something, whether that be on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you type something in the search box, which then directs you to a page similar to the image below.

Front-End Developers

In software development, the front-end is the part of a software application that the user can see and interact with.

Front-end developers don’t have a very deep understanding of computer science theory. Instead, their expertise lies in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, various JavaScript Frameworks, UX, and UI.

With new technologies and frameworks being released every time, user expectations are also evolving just as quickly. Great front-end developers are fantastic problem solvers who love learning new things and applying them to meet the needs of end-users.

Back-End Developers

Back-end developers specialize in building and maintaining the logical infrastructure that powers user-facing components.

When you open e-commerce sites and search for a product, all you see is a search bar and a button. However, behind this simple search bar is a mind-boggling system developed by leading back-end developers.

Back-end developers know Python, Java, and C++, which are three very popular back-end programming languages. Other popular languages include PHP, Ruby, Pearl, etc. Back-end developers also work with databases, caching systems, and servers.

Full-Stack Developers

Full-Stack Developers are software developers who have both front-end and back-end development skills and knowledge.

When the project is small or medium-sized, full-stack developers might work hand in hand in one team, creating a coherent product that all of them can understand and update.

Web Developers

Web Developers are software developers who specialize in website development. Twenty to ten years ago, websites were simpler, consisting of images and texts that weren't well formatted. Over the years, websites have become more complex with a lot of dynamic, eye-catching styles.

While HTML and CSS knowledge is still required, these developers should also be skilled in PHP, JavaScript, databases, web design, UX design, and SEO.

When developing larger and more complex websites, web developers typically divide their roles between the front-end and the back-end.

Mobile Developers

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, businesses nowadays turn to mobile developers to create their own business applications. There are two operating systems dominating the mobile landscape: Android and iOS. Mobile developers learn the development languages, frameworks, and environments of each of these operating systems to create a mobile application.

What Does A Software Developer Do Besides Write Code?

  • Reading Other People’s Code

    Software Developers usually spend a lot of time reading through and understanding other people’s codes. That is because existing software applications are incredibly complex products of large software development teams, and it’s not possible for anyone to tweak one of those without making some effort to understand it first.

  • Documenting Code

    Professional software developers spend a lot of time writing clear comments and documentation. By documenting their own code, it would be easier to understand and could also identify potential areas for improvement.

  • Testing Code

    Testing is a very important part of every software development process, and all software developers test their own code to test if it works properly and if there aren’t any bugs or errors.

  • Participating in Meetings

    Not only does the Project Manager participate in meetings with clients, but the presence of a software developer is also important. Since they have the knowledge, they will be able to answer all client inquiries.

  • Mentoring

    Senior software developers assist junior and newbie software developers with their learning and career growth by sharing their knowledge and answering their questions.

Other primary responsibilities:

  • Working in tandem with other staff members such as Project Managers, Graphic Designers, other Developers, Database Administrators, and Sales and Marketing employees

  • Writing reports on project progress

  • Performing maintenance on existing systems by monitoring and correcting defects

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